Business Member Spotlight: River Therapeutic Massage

July 1, 2016

12998510_10154130715929904_6837009816761419695_nRiver Therapeutic Massage

612 Route 52 (Karen’s Place)
Beacon, New York 12508


Karen Meyer

What is the nature of your business?
River Therapeutic Massage. Whether you are stressed out from trying to manage family, work and social obligations, dealing with shoulder, neck, or back pain from your job or other activities, or needing some regular “me” time to relax and decompress, regular Massage can help you feel better. Because you won’t always have the same complaints each visit, my sessions incorporate a variety of techniques to best suit your needs at the time.

Did you know that over 75% of all doctor visits are for stress related ailments? Many of my clients come in regularly to manage stress and anxiety….others come in for relief of discomfort or pain due to posture related issues such as sitting all day, carrying heavy shoulder bags, or other specific work-related physical issues.

Aside from reducing stress, regular massage can help ease the symptoms of muscle strains/injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more. It can also provide comfort and increased quality of life to cancer patients and seniors; both groups benefit greatly from gentle, loving touch.

Massage Therapy is cumulative, so regular appointments will offer you the maximum benefit; most clients opt for monthly sessions, while some prefer to come in more or less often. It’s really a matter of prioritizing your health, via self-care, or maintenance. I do offer a Wellness Plan where you receive 10% off each session if you come in within 30 days of your last visit. Pre-paying for Series of 6 visits is another way to save money while practicing self-care. I also accept FSA and HSA cards (Flexible/Health Savings Account).

Although my custom 90 minute Therapeutic sessions tend to be the most popular, I also offer shorter sessions as well as Hot Stone Therapy, Mana Lomi Hawaiian-style Massage, and Aromatherapy Facial-Massage as well as Mini Spa Sessions and add-on Enhancements.

When did you launch your business?
Originally in LaGrangeville in 2008, but on Main St Beacon in 2013.

Did you start in Beacon?

If yes, why did you decide to start your business here?
I’ve lived in Beacon since 1993 and since graduating from Massage school, it was a dream to have my own place. It’s not easy to be a (very) small business in Beacon, and I was so fortunate to get the opportunity to have 2 years on Main Street with Hair Haven! I love the Main Street vibe and although I’m no longer on Main Street, I’m loving my little studio at Karen’s Place Hair Salon and I’m proud to be a Beacon business owner.

Is there one thing about your business that you would really like folks to know?
I think I said it all (see above)…. but basically, it rocks 😉

When did you become a member of BeaconArts and why?
OMGosh…not really sure. I love the arts in all forms and started supporting WOM several years ago, and I think that is what led to me joining Beacon Arts.
I’ve always been a creative sort as well (photo, painting, collage, jewelry…so you just may see my name out there in a different venue one of these days…..)

Where are you from originally?
Brooklyn (only til I was 2 – does that even count?)
Long Island (family still there. I miss the beach, NOT the traffic)
Queens (I would consider going back but….naaaaahhhhh)

What is your favorite book?
Oh boy…I’m a huge reader, can’t even….

Do you have a favorite place, event or thing to do in Beacon?
I love walking Main St, visiting shops and seeing what’s new (there’s almost always something!) The Farmers Market down at the waterfront is a favorite (well, anything at the waterfront!), and of course the Festivals! Strawberry Festival and Spirit of Beacon Day are always fun. The Dog Parade!
Hiking! Dennings or Madam Brett….Oh and Mt Beacon, of course!

How do you think Beacon is different from other Hudson Valley cities?
I think we have a unique blend of people here, that seems to be constantly changing/evolving and it keeps things interesting. Yarn bombing, anyone?

Using your imagination, describe Beacon five years from now. 
Not sure where this growth spurt is taking us, but hopefully to a good place. My only real wish is that the old Beacon Theater can be saved as is and not turned into apartments or anything else. Would love to see the Incline brought back – wouldn’t that be awesome?
The galleries, restaurants and shops….some will still be here, others will come and go. Hopefully, the B&B’s will stay busy, even with the new hotels that are planned. As long as Metro North keeps running, we’ll be here.