“Right To Unmake” CAA panel examines Lego-like creativity

The practice of unmaking can be distinguished from remix culture by its granularity (think dismantling a Lego creation into component bricks) and its transformative potential (reassembled Lego sets need not bear any resemblance to the original). Unmaking is also different from the deconstructionist impulse found in post-structuralist literature or architecture, in that unmaking aims less to undermine the stability of the original text than to craft an entirely new one.

The “Right To Unmake” panel was conceived by Bowdoin Museum Codirector Anne Goodyear and Still Water’s John Bell, Craig Dietrich, and Jon Ippolito. For panel contributions, the organizers seek critical thought about and artistic research into practices that embody or question this “Lego-like” creativity, whatever their medium.

Applications are due August 14, 2017 in email to Goodyear and Ippolito, the session co-chairs. Details are in the 2018 CAA call for participation. (more info)