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The Beacon Arts & Education Foundation (BAEF) is a coalition of parents, educators, businesses and other organizations that raise funds through private donations and grants to support a more comprehensive education for the students of the Beacon City School District (BCSD).

The Beacon City School District educates approximately 3,600 children, pre-k through 12th grade. In recent years, the amount of state aid has decreased dramatically. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult to fund innovative educational programs that provide a richness to the educational experience of our students. BAEF’s goal is to support programs and activities that would not otherwise be achievable through available public funds and encourage the educational development of BCSD students and staff. We hope to foster community involvement and partnerships in the public education process.

Since our inception in 2004, we have provided over $120,000 to support Arts & Education programming in the BCSD.

Some of the things this support has paid for:

  • new sound equipment in the high school auditorium
  • a new kiln for the High School ceramics studio
  • arts & education teaching artist residencies in the schools, like the I’m Tired Project at Rombout Middle School or 2018’s trip to Bannerman Island for every 7th grader.
  • musical instruments for the high school and middle school bands
  • Orff instrument sets and two large area rugs requested by the music department for the rooms at JV Forrestal and South Avenue elementary
  • art supplies

For the past 10 years, BAEF has sponsored the CALICO BALL. The Calico Ball is a dance residency for Beacon 3rd grade students across the district, led by the Vanaver Caravan dancers. Students learn about different cultures from around the world and perform in a global dance festival. In it’s 29th year, the program was initiated by Pete Seeger in 1989. This year’s performance took place on June 6, 2018 at the Pete and Toshi Seeger Theatre at the Beacon High School.

“Calico Ball” is an acronym for:  Communicating And Learning to Identify Cultural Origins By Appreciating their Lore and Legends.

It costs approximately $30 per child to participate in the Calico Ball.  Please consider supporting the program through an online donation or by participating as a sponsor in the Calico Ball program booklet:


Checks should be made payable to BeaconArts, referencing BAEF in the memo.

Please include the sponsorship form with your check.

Checks can be sent to:
PO Box 727
Beacon, NY  12508

Co-chairs: Anna Bergin, Lori Merhige

Committee: Michal Mart, Braden Smith

BeaconArts Contact: Aaron Verdile (Treasurer)

Photo Credit: Meredith Heuer