Membership Benefits and Categories

Your membership is important to provide funding, support and expertise for achieving BeaconArts’ vision + mission. Volunteers are important to the success of the many BeaconArts activities and are the backbone of BeaconArts’ achievements.

Basic Membership Benefits:

  • Priority posting of Beacon art related event, opportunity or news on BeaconArts Website.
  • Possible inclusion of Beacon art events in BeaconArts promotional materials such as press releases, posters at Beacon Train Station Kiosks and other publications (based on timely arrival of materials and availability of space).
  • Emailing of information about artist’s events & news to BeaconArts members and distribution list.
  • Receive emails of Beacon events & news.
  • First access to service and exhibition opportunities for BeaconArts-sponsored projects.
  • Participation in BeaconArts supported events that support the arts and encourage tourism.
  • Check out the Member-To-Member Discounts

2014 Membership Event catherine erica hiro jonArtist/Individual: $25/year

Membership not limited to Beacon residents.  Artist memberships are annually based, from January 1 – December 31.   Please keep in mind that if you join or renew via Paypal as an individual, an automatic recurring payment profile will be set up!  Please let us know if you would like to have that cancelled.

All Basic Membership Benefits listed plus:

  • Information listing on the BeaconArts Website Individual Member Section: name, art, phone number, and link to website.
  • Use of BeaconArts as fiscal umbrella for artist-initiated projects, subject to approval

Artist / Individual – $25/yr

_MG_7689Friends: $100/yr or more

Any individual or business supporter of Beacon Arts.  All Basic Membership Benefits listed plus:

  • Information listing in the BeaconArts Website “Friends” Section – name, address, phone number, link to website.
  • Special placement and discounts available for group ads.

Friends – Contribution of $100 or more/yr

_MG_7075Business: $65/qtr or $240/yr

Any Beacon Business or Beacon-related Business – includes for-profit and non-profit businesses.  Business memberships are tracked by quarter, i.e if you join during the 3rd quarter, your membership will end the 3rd quarter the following year.  All Basic Membership Benefits listed plus:

  • Information listing in the BeaconArts Website Business Section by category – name, drawing/illustration of business if desired, address, phone number, description of business and link to website.
  • Information listing in periodic BeaconArts “Beacon Guide” – name, drawing of business (if space allows), address, phone number, website description of business. This map is distributed throughout Beacon, at Dia:Beacon and locations throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.  Select arts-oriented Business members also featured on the Art Along the Hudson website and widely distributed brochure.

Business – Quarterly Payments – $65/Qtr

Business – $240/yr