Friends Level Members are Artist or Business supporters that contribute at the $100 level or above throughout the year.  We will also cite supporters of our Annual and Year End Campaigns here, as well as supporters of Windows on Main Street.

Grateful Thanks to the following for their support:

*Matthew Agoglia / Website
Emil Alzamora / Website / Instagram 
*Edward and Betsy Benavente
Elizabeth Birch
*Pamela Dailey / Website

*Brian DiFeo and Rowan Johnson

*David and Linda Eberle
*Kelly Ellenwood and Timothy Parsaca 
*Theresa Goodman
*Meghan Goria
*Julia Green
*Carl Gutowski
*Linda T. Hubbard / Website / Photography of the Hudson Valley

Christina Jensen / Website /Founder of classical music management and PR firm Jensen Artists

Diane Lapis

Scott Lerman + Susan Keiser

*Jeff McHugh

Karen Meyer
Katie O’Hagan / Website / Instagram
Linda Pratt Kimmel
Ann Rakoff in honor of the marriage of Stuart and Brigid Krimko
*Rosemary Rednour
*Jonathan Roberts
Scott Tillitt
Patty VitaccoContact
*Stuart Wilensky
Anonymous – in honor of Kelly Ellenwood and her work with BeaconArts

*Denotes  Annual or Year End Campaign Contributor