Emil Alzamora / Website / Instagram / Sculptor
Marc Bernier / WebsiteInstagram
Martha Humphreys / Website / Contact / Third Muse Metal Arts – Humphrey’s work is primarily silver and jewelry, as well as other small metal works. She also uses alternative and reclaimed materials, as well as found objects and natural objects.
Thom Joyce / Contact / Musician and sculptor
Tim Kowalski / Website 
Matt Kinney / Website / Instagram /Matt Kinney takes objects that create our physical connection with the Earth, our roots and realizes them in wood. He charges his work by hand carving the material to a high degree of refinement, balanced within the rough abstraction and natural state of the material in which the work is created. In the work August 19th, an axe is revealed, carved in high relief. Rendered in Black Walnut wood he embeds a steel axe head as a butterfly joint to reinforce the material and concept of the artwork. He uses traditional wood carving techniques, hand tools and sources locally harvested material where possible.
Melissa McGill Website /Artist Melissa McGill, based in NY, is an interdisciplinary artist who creates ambitious, large-scale site-specific public art projects. She incorporates sculptural elements, light and sound to present experiential works that connect us to rich overlooked histories and traditions, while heightening awareness of our surroundings./box]

[box]Lori Merhige / Website / Contact / Beacon 3D 2015 / Beacon 3D 2014 / Mixed media sculpture and drawing

Lukas Milanak / Website / Instagram / Handblown glass and sculpture promoting science, technology and wide-eyed curiosity.
Jon Reichert / Contact / Website / Beacon 3D 2015 / Beacon 3D 2016 / Mixed media, paintings, sculpture and furniture
Jill Reynolds / Ten Willow Studio / Contact / Ten Willow Studio is a glass design partnership specializing in architectural installations. We create museum-quality glass works that enhance and transform their surroundings. Jill Reynolds is an awardwinning visual artist known for her innovative use of flameworked glass.  Also:/events/hello-beacon-2163/
Harry Tabak / Website / Instagram /Environmentally based sculpture in wood, stone, recycled glass and other materials as well as digital art based on the sculpture. Additionally, interdisciplinary work in dance movement incorporating digital projections of the sculptural artwork.
Chip Schwartz / Contact / Cast and fabricated metal sculpture
Betty Stafford / Website / Instagram /Sculpture, assemblages, collages, and mobiles created from broken skateboards, scraps of wood, metal and found objects.