Lindsey A. Abrams / Contact / Photography, abstract painter, poet
Sandra Belitza-Vazquez / Website /My photographs take you on a journey highlighting the human condition, the natural world and the man made objects that define the world we inhabit.
Jennifer Sarah BlakesleeWebsite / Fine art photography, portraiture, and more
Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh / Website / The objects and scenes depicted by my images are found during daily meditative walks. Images are recorded and edited as compulsion dictates. The resulting photographs sit at the intersection of observation, emotion and reflection.
Randy Calderone / Website /I’m a photographer that focuses on street and travel photography.

Tom Conroy / Website / I am a fan of all forms of art, particularly music and photography, and I have recently been taking art classes in drawing and painting. I am very drawn to color, nature, urban landscapes, odd shapes, abstraction, and ordinary scenes and objects.

Mickey Deneher / Website / Instagram / Music Photographer
Evan D’Arpino / Website /Still Life and Fine Art Photography
Carlin Felder / Website / Instagram /Macro Expressionist photographer & mixed media artist.
Liam Goodman / Website / Photography
Cindy Gould /Contact 
Linda T Hubbard / Website / Photography of the Hudson Valley
Ronnie Farley / Website /Black and white and digital photography, monographs, painting, mixed media, writing
Stephen Mallon / Website / Photographer and Film Director / Instagram
Lee Meltzer / Website / Fine Arts and Photography
Trevor Messersmith / Website 
Ivone Milani / Website / Instagram
Eve Morgenstern / Website
Susanne Moss / Website / Cultural photographs of people, places and things from many countries around the world
Jean Noack / Instagram 
Meghan Spiro / Website / Everything I photograph, I fall in love with, even if it’s just for that moment. Food, products, people, events – I capture the light and love behind the lens. I’ve been working as a commercial photographer and web designer in the Hudson Valley since 2006 for small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profits.
Chante Tenoso / Website / Instagram /Photography is my first love and doing mixed media collages is a close second.
Susan Walsh /  Website / The Marking Time Series (thread and shadow drawings) evolved from an unexpected moment that happened in my studio in Beacon, New York, one day in January of 2013 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon—a precise, haunting intersection of an object (thread), the sun, and white paper. Since that time I have been recording the sun’s shadow in relation to pieces of thread, as photographs and video experiments during the months of January, February and March (from Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox). From this latitude/vantage point, I wait for the sun to draw delicate shadow lines in collaboration with my random placement of thread. Each piece depicts one moment in time, when the sinking winter sun creates long shadows; both thread and sun are the charcoal, ink, pencil.
Nancy Wykstra / Website/ / Landscape photography