Rhoda Averbach / Contact / Organizer and DJ for community dances in the Dutchess County area. People are invited to join the Town Crier Dance Jam free Meetup group at:
Banana, Bag and Bodice / Website / We are a Brooklyn and Beacon-based collaborative of artists/technicians that make live-event-theater-play-show-things. We mash together original writing, music composition and collective design in order expose and celebrate the inspiring awkwardness of being a human. So far we have made 9 unique shows that vary in style and scope – from large-scale spectacles (Sandwich, a musical about killing animals) to intimate portraits (Space//Space, a sci-fi study of claustrophobia).Sometimes we function as an anarchic punk band (The Fall & Rise of The Rising Fallen) and at others with the precision of surgeons sucking ether (The Sewers).Our design is inspired by the objects and materials thrown into the theatrical dumpsters of midtown Manhattan.Our elastic approach to creating live theater has one common goal – to entertain and confound through thoughtful provocation.

Beacon High School Drama Organization – “Beacon Players”/ Contact: Anthony Scarrone / Website /  The Beacon High School Drama and Theater Arts organization, Beacon Players, brings together students who share a passion for theater and performing arts. The organization promotes theater education, in the performing venue as well as technical theater. Theater education is fostered through major performances, conferences, trips, and student-directed productions that enhance the educational goals of the theater discipline’s courses and productions. Membership is open to all Beacon High School students who share the club’s goal of promoting awareness of theater and performing arts on campus and throughout the community.

 Erin Buckley / Website / Contact Erin is an actress, writer and content creator with experience in theatre and film. She is passionate about stories that empower, uplift and unite humanity.
Kelly Ellenwood / Website / Contact / Soprano and award-winning actor Kelly Ellenwood has performed principal roles on and off Broadway, on stages in every state across the US, and on film & television.
Dan Guerra / Website / Contact / Instagram /I am a performer and artistic partner for Village Playback Theatre, New York, NY.
 Connie Hall / Avant Garde Restaurant (website) / Theater artist and administrator
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi / Website / Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi believes in the power of the spoken word to enlighten, educate and delight all who listen! For 23 years, she has shared the gift of story through performance, workshops, writing and story event production. A versatile performer and emcee, her original stories of wit, wonder and wisdom captivate audiences of all ages whether she is standing in the classroom or on a concert stage.
Lorraine is also co-founder with Karen Pillsworth of Tall Tale/Short Story Productions which produces “TELLABRATION! An Evening of Stories for Grown-Ups.”  Her book Wisdom in the Telling Finding Inspiration and Grace in Traditional Folktales and Myths Retold was the winner of the 2008 Storytelling World Resource Award for Special Storytelling Resources.
Angus Hepburn / OffTheCuff-NYActor / Director / Artistic Director / Theatre: mainstage, cafe / Contact
Stephanie Hepburn / Bricktown Theatre Company / Contact
Dan Hunt / Contact

Nada Khodlova / Website / Nada is a Dance/Movement Therapist and Ritual Dance Facilitator.  Traditional Balkan, Greek, Rom, Armenian, Near Eastern and modern sacred circle dances. Throughout all ages and cultures, traditional circle dances were used to honor the divine, to heal, to affirm connection to the earth and each other, to build community and celebrate rites of passages and life transitions. The danced patterns illuminate the web of these connections. It is where personal and universal healing can occur. The dances are joyful, meditative, mournful, full of beauty, longing, life and celebration!

Karen MichelWebsite / Karen works primarily in sound, making a living as a broadcast journalist covering culture/the arts for NPR and doing what she calls “performance documentaries” that combine sound, text, and image–my photographs, ephemera, objects gleaned primarily from dollar stores and souvenir shops.

Terrell E Nelson / Website / Video editor, videographer
Susan Osberg / Website / Susan Osberg is an interdisciplinary artist — writing, dancer/choreographer, films. She is the director of Workwith Dancers Company
Sarah Ristine / Contact /Sarah is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on improvisational comic theater, producing original theater pieces, as well as urban sketching, nature journaling, and writing. Her work is influenced by growing up in Greenwich Village [when it was a neighborhood!], living in northern California, Seattle and, briefly, in London. Her training is from the High School of Performing Arts [the year it was the “Fame” school] creative writing at San Francisco State University, physical theater and fine art at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. She and her husband were in a short form “barprov” improvisational troupe in Seattle. Later she discovered improvisational theater at Upright Citizens Brigade, as well as many short courses with solo performers and the like.