Maria Amor / Website
Edward Benavente / Contact / Beacon 3D /Sculptor and Painter
Sheryl Bennett / Instagram /Miniature paintings inspired by Hudson Valley landscapes and scenes/locations from Beacon, NY
Marc Bernier / WebsiteInstagram
Samantha Beste / Website / Samantha Beste began painting at the Art Students League with Isaac Soyer at the age of eleven.  Her paintings and prints speak of her deep romantic connection to all urban terrain, and to the great ancestral trail of urban artists. Samantha is a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists.
Jose Betancourt / Contact / Painting
Sarah Boyd / Instagram / Painter
Gary Buckendorf / Website
Elen Burch / Website / Instagram / Artist and Illustrator
Arabella Champaq / Contact / Slow layers of color on canvas
Valeria Clark / Website /My art is an expression of my spiritual life. I work mainly with oil paint and sometimes encaustic on a field of black with or without screen printing. Working from dark to light creates almost a stain glass window effect evoking a sense of inner peace. My hope is to infuse the viewer with a moment of single pointed focus.
Marieken Cochius / Website / Instagram /Subconscious, Nature, Science – Sculpture, Painting, Drawing
Lisa D’Amico / Website / Contact / Contemporary Painting, Drawing, Photography & Mixed Media.
Timothy Delaney /Award winning graphic designer and advertiser; watercolors, prints, drawings

Jan Dolan / Website / Abstract painting, collage, and mixed media. Jan also teaches Senior Painting at Beacon Recreation on Thursdays

Virginia Donovan /Website/Contemporary Painter
Stephanie Fogarty / Contact /Paintings, drawings, mixed media, collage, usually but not limited to people. I basically paint whatever interests me at the time, which can include anything. I accept commissions for portraits of you, your family and your pets. PM me on Facebook, (Stephanie Fogarty) or email
Alyssa Follansbee / Website / Instagram / Paintings, murals, art installation.

Scott Garrity / Contact /Fine artist; Watercolor, Oil, acrylics, and pen & ink.

Debbie Gioello / Website /Debbie Gioello is a versatile artist expressing herself in multiple mediums and techniques.Her range of creativity is from realism to expressionistic rendered in etching techniques, watercolors, acrylics & photography.
Laura Gould / Website / Painter
Carl Grauer / Website
Diane Green / Website – Painting / Website – The Green School /I am a painter and have an art school that merges the visual arts with the healing arts. I teach a variety of workshops from an upcoming class called Tantric Drawing which will be held at The Beacon of Light Wellness Center to a Mixed Media- Balancing your Masculine and Feminine class. This second workshop’s location will be announced at a later date.
Amanda Gross / Website / Instagram /Spirited paintings, embroidery, + fine art prints reverent of wild nature, humor, + authenticity, and playfully irreverent of arbitrary social mores. Re-purposed materials used whenever possible.
Stephen Hamilton / Contact / Painter
Susan Happersett / Instagram / Painter

Erica Hauser / Website /Owner of Catalyst Gallery, 137 Main St Beacon.

Amanda Heckle / Website /Acrylic painting and drawing
Gemma Kahng / Contact /My paintings are inspired by nature, such as birds, animals and flowers

Mandy Kelso / Website / Instagram /Abstract encaustic, oil and acrylic landscapes and portraiture

Tom Kenny / Website / Contact /My art work is mostly referencing the figure and landscape. I use paint, oil and gouache mostly, digital printing and other materials.

Barbara Koffsky/ Painter and printmaker / Contact

Laura Kohlmann/Contact/Watercolor
Pam Krimsky / Website /My paintings are representational. Most often, my subject matter is drawn from imagination, but I also work directly from perception, ranging from landscape, to still life and figures. I return to nature as a means of refreshing my vision. Both my drawings and paintings show a rhythmic response to nature, and I love to use color expressively.
Beth Lewis-Jackson / Painting and installation /Website 
Elsa Lindy / Instagram
Claire Lofrese/ Contact
Catherine Marra / Contact / My Brother Anthony Marra Jr. who passed in 2016 Oil, Acrylic, watercolor; also, my Photography in B&W and color.
Jerry MichalakWebsite / Artist Statement: For my OIL PAINTINGS, I have been abstracting a combination of seasonal colors, textures and formations that are found in a variety of wooded areas. They are a comment on nature’s pushing and pulling and the disarray that is brought about by the ravages of time. These broken, trampled, frozen and distorted elements are woven into a myriad of shapes, colors and patterns that dramatize the world around us. The beauty of the physical world is ever present, especially in its complexities and distortions. These are the things that become the structure for my compositions.
Donna Mikkelsen / Website / Contact / Ambi-Play.  Ambidextrous drawing (using both hands at the same time) activates both hemispheres of the brain and it’s FUN!  Ambi-Play opens up pathways to the artistic process through experimentation, free flow and enjoyment.
Jessica Nash / Website /Abstracted figures & nature combinations. Mixed media, painting, paper, collage, recycled art etc.
Pat O’Connor / Contact
Samantha Palmeri / Website / Abstract paintings and mixed media
Melissa Petanick / Instagram / Watercolor
Steven James Petruccio / Website /Landscape and regional scene painting in addition to natural history illustration. Acrylic and watercolor fine art work. Watercolor and digital media illustration.
Joseph Radoccia / Website / Instagram /Painter, whose works have varied in subject matter over the years, but all have explored the artist’s interest in various forms of intimacy. Currently, the focus of the paintings is portraiture.
Sheilah Rechschaffer / Website / Visual Artist; painter.

Jon Reichert / Contact / Website / Mixed media, paintings, sculpture and furniture

David Rich / Website / Drawing, Painting
Kalene Rivers/OPENSPACE Gallery & Thundercut Design Studio / Website / Contact / Thundercut Art Installation & Design: We are a creative studio that is obsessed with ideas and execution.
Graphic design and web design keeps us sharp and the bills paid.  Art, Projects and Events keep us happy and our souls fed.
Matthew William Robinson / Website / Instagram / Robinson’s recent series, “Tyvek,” references the vernacular architecture of Beacon and the act of renovating a 1840’s home in past summers. Impossible spaces, and different time periods of one architectural structure, imagined or representational, are depicted simultaneously in a singular composition.

Common building materials such as Tyvek, Royalcote masonite wall paneling, layers of shellac, metal awnings and hollow-core doors serve as leitmotifs. Robinson is fascinated and repelled by these building materials as he senselessly represent the ugliest objects in the most beautiful way.

The care and effort of restoring a home, freeing it of layers of architectural blight manifests itself in these compositions, and as a visual document of the relational spirituality existing between architecture and the human experience

 Rick Rogers / Contact/ Mixed medium painting
Chris Sanders/ Website / Painter, illustrator, animator, exhibit design – installed and virtual, Textile Special Effects
Jill Shoffiett / Website / Instagram /
Laurel Shute / Website 
Lauren Simon / Contact / Often Conceptual, but can venture beyond
Greg Slick / Website / Instagram / Painter. 3D and Mixed Media.
Marisa Del Pozo Slick / Contact /Moody, painterly landscapes that reference the mythic past, magic, and surrealism.
Josh Spivack / Website / Painting, Drawing
David Swope / Website / Instagram /Painter, white charcoal on black paper
Bebe Vann / Contact / Portrait Painter
Lynn-Marie Veverka / Website /Water Based Media paintings and portraits.
Anna West / Website / Instagram / Oil painter; Instagram guru
Carin Jean White / Website / Theatre and Visual Artist- Carin is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her work most frequently revolves around themes of action, space, and memory.
Jodi Yeaple-King / Contact / Painter, Furniture Making; “Paint Parties with Jodi;” art instructor at MSMC