Mixed Media

Hanny Ahern / Website /Works include New media and interactive artworks in form of hotlines, physical biofeedback responsive installation, traditional modes of drawing and mixed media, Video and Cultural production and community engagement.
Ori Alon / Website /The Empowering Clerks Network (Center for Supportive Bureaucracy) is an international organization providing Playful Paperwork services to diverse populations. We offer pop-up office hours in various communities, schools, workplaces and events. Applicants can receive assistance from licensed Empowering Clerks and issue Joy Permits, Refurbished Report Cards, Forgiver’s License (Class A&B), Adult Special Achievement Stickers, DIY Certificates of Recognition, OK Parent Awards, Validation Tickets, Apology Declarations, Pain Deeds, True Friend Diplomas, Happiness Insurance, Free-Play Admission Tickets, Open Carry permit for musical instruments, Clown Visa and more. So far we issued and distributed more than 32,000 official documents.
We believe that the more paperwork – the better.
Kathleen Andersen / Website / Glass and fine art
Tina Bernstein / Website /Across places and seasons, natural twists of trees and branches, skin like textures of their trunks, vibrant colors of the earth, and life around me capture my imagination. I am intrigued by the similarity of nature and the human experience, which at times is fluid and rhythmic and in other instances reflects abrupt and surprising changes.
Hollis Bogdanffy /Instagram
Jean Brennan / Website 
Donna Marie Fischer / Website /Donna Marie is a Hudson Valley artist who has exhibited her work throughout the region since 2000. With a background in photography and graphic design, her work has evolved and now includes painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Color and texture are explored dynamically,in singular and multidimentional pieces. “My work is inspired by the contrasts and inner balance found everywhere in the natural world.”
David Michael Friend / Website / Instagram / Sculptor, illustrator
Pamela Garfield / Website /works in and on paper
 Theresa GoobyWebsiteContact / Artist, mixed media 
Beth Haber / Website /2 and 3 dimensional work, mixed media on mylar exploring “attachment”as process both digital and analog.
Lisa Irving / Contact /Through the years I have metamorphosed from a commercial artist to a fine artist. Painter, sculptor, drawings, ceramics and more. My most exciting project this year was a live art sculpture created in Haverstraw, NY.
Colleen (Colette) Kavana / WebsiteContact / visual artist / poet / spoken word
Margot Kingon / Website / Textile, multimedia art
Janine Lambers / Website / Art and design in silver leaf
Sheryl Levine / Website / Contact / Mixed Media Landscape and Figurative two and three dimensional works of art that is a fusion of traditional and experimental media, including acrylic, collage and encaustic.
Amanda Light / Website / Instagram / Amanda Light is an artist and creative facilitator living and working in the Hudson Valley.Amanda’s art work displays a sense of introspective conversation. Utilizing a wide variety of mediums and exploration in technique, the work is an examination of the human condition, metaphysics, and transcendental views of human relationships with oneself, each other and the global environment.
Erin McNally / Website / Mixed-Media & Performance

Donald Mengay / Contact / Ceramics, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture

Karen Michel / Website / Karen works primarily in sound, making a living as a broadcast journalist covering culture/the arts for NPR and doing what she calls “performance documentaries” that combine sound, text, and image–my photographs, ephemera, objects gleaned primarily from dollar stores and souvenir shops.

Pamela Mijal / Website / Painting, Mixed Media
Andrea Moreau / Website /Drawings and paintings that respond to imagery found on postage stamps or other printed cultural artifacts. Through my drawing process I attempt to learn something about a place by studying its official imagery and then creating a world beyond the borders of its fragmentary scenes. The finished drawings and paintings are a record of this study; they are a dialogue between the printed and the drawn, the official and the personal, the real and the imaginary.
Dana Devine O’Malley / Contact / Painting and photography.  Also teaches Baking Classes!
Ellen O’Sullivan / Website /Contemporary ceramics and furniture designed and hand-crafted by Ellen O’Sullivan.
Samantha Palmeri / Website / Abstract paintings and mixed media

Bonnie Peritz / Contact

Jon Reichert / Contact / Website / Mixed media, paintings, sculpture and furniture

Kalene Rivers Website / Wood Cuts
 Rick Rogers / Contact/ Mixed medium painting
Chip Schwartz / Website / Chip’s work is comprised of jewelry, sculpture, and functional hollowware and flatware. The forms and textures are inspired by nature, and in particular, those parts of nature that aren’t readily seen: single celled organisms, fungi, objects in space or deep under water.
Zac Skinner/ Website / Inter-connection is what I cultivate in my artworks. It has led me to create a political space where a viewer is engaged, but has the freedom to draw her/his own conclusion. It is a softer political relationship. I believe that for art to function in a non-polarized, intimate political way, it must start with a deep respect for the viewer. My work invites a viewer to participate on handmade chalkboards, incorporated within my visual cacophony of images, and objects, that draw from ecology, non-violent resistance, grass-roots movements, and Zen. Business Member Spotlight: Zac-Cam Studio
Bekah Starr / Website 
Kathleen Stoutenborough / Contact / Instagram
Jean-Marc Superville Sovak / Website /conceptual swiss-army knife approach

Susan Walsh / Website /Photography, Mixed Media and video

Jayoung Yoon / Website / Contact / Jayoung’s work draws upon diverse spiritual practices that emphasize clearing the mind and directing attention into the body to achieve a heightened awareness of the present. Her work synthesizes hair sculpture, video, performance and painting to create an immersive sensual and spiritual experience that encourages the viewer to rethink their own personal awareness.