Art Supporters and Related Services

Ori Alon / Contact
Stowe Boyd / Website / Advocating a walkable Beacon
Claire Browne Contact
 Ira Chavis Contact 
 Nelson Conde / WebsiteContact/ Photography and music/art events
Timothy Delaney / Website /Award winning graphic designer and advertiser
Bo Gehring / Contact
Alan Goldsmith / Website / Art making and improvisational creative play for seniors with diminished capabilities: on-site sessions for individuals and groups; caregiver training
 Kiki Heincke / Website Graphic designer
Carl Vane Lashua / Website / Poetry and Photographs
Jennifer Mackiewicz / Contact/ Fine Art

Jeff McHugh / Contact

 Terrell E Nelson / Website / Video editor/videographer
Timothy Parsaca / Contact
Sara Pasti / Contact / Art consultant
Prudence Posner Contact
Nadine Revheim / Website/ Blogger
Peggy Ross / Contact
Lauren Simonetti / Website
Kathleen Stoutenborough / Contact
Joan Unterweger  Contact
Robert Vye Contact
Amy C. Wilson / Website / Toy designer, artist