Applied Arts

Kate Aubrey / Website / Designer and stylist Kate Aubrey is a unique multidisciplinary artist with a vibrant and distinct aesthetic. She works across the worlds of fashion, events, interiors and installations. Kate’s striking and playful textile art draws inspiration largely from her extensive travels and connection to nature; whether it’s the mesmerising snowfalls of Canada or the flamenco dancers and music of Spain. Willing to take creative risks and push conceptual boundaries, Kate loves working collaboratively with like-minded artists, designers and technicians.
Johan Ayoob Website/ Artist, Illustrator and Designer
Marika Blossfeldt / Website / Making life a work of art though creative nutrition and lifestyle choices
Dev Bruhlstone / Website / Instagram / Sculpture, interior appointments
Kit Burke-Smith / Website / Instagram /The shapes in my work come from everyday moments, like watching birds or afternoon shadows. I use traditional hand fabricated metalsmithing techniques to create in a new way. The result is timeless minimalist and sculptural jewelry made from sterling silver, 18k gold, neoprene rubber, and the occasional semi-precious stone or pearl.
Caiming Cheung / Website / Contact / Jewelry, mixed metal arts.
David Clark / MODCRAFT / Website / Instagram / Modern dimensional wall tile

Pamela Dailey / Website / design : architecture : interiors : furniture : graphics : consultation

Deborah Davidovits / Website / Shadow play animation, drawing, mixed media.
Tiffany DeLaCruz / Contact 

Timothy DelaneyWebsite  /Award winning graphic designer and advertiser; watercolors, prints, drawings/ Check out his “Dummy Light” Blog

Tom Elliott / Contact
Martin D. Fowler / Website / Instagram /MARTIN D. FOWLER is a composer & multi-instrumentalist who produces music for film, advertisements, podcasts, & records as Martin D. Fowler, WNNR, & with artists Arthur Moon and PLS.trio. Current project: ALLUVIAL (2019)
Kiki Heincke/  Website /Graphic designer
Laurie Hogan / Contact
Martha Humphreys / Website / Contact / Third Muse Metal Arts – Humphrey’s work is primarily silver and jewelry, as well as other small metal works. She also uses alternative and reclaimed materials, as well as found objects and natural objects.
Cassandra Jackson / Metalsmith, jeweler
Gwenno James / Website / Textile Artist
Theresa Kraft / Website / Contact /Creative professional with packaging, textile, graphic and interior design experience. My motto is: “Life is a package, whether it’s a book, a box, a bag or a house. It is all design.”
Margaux Lange Website/Jewelry artist
Michael Latshuka / Website
Stephen Lewis / Website / Installations, inventions, interactives, retail store windows, creative coding, STEM.
Julie Lockley / Website / Instagram /Julie creates whimsical illustrations of wise animals in digital ink.
Marisa Lomonaco / Website / Instagram / Jeweler
Sascha Mallon / Website
Randall Martin / Website / Graphic Designer
Josh McKible / Website / Instagram /Josh McKible DBA MCKIBILLO, I’ve been illustrating and designing since 2004. Everything I do starts by hand but is brought to clarity through clean lines and bold colors. I specialize in infographics, explainer videos and smart, conceptually driven images. Originally inspired by badly designed inflight air safety manuals, I’ve been trying to make the world a safer place through clear, concise imagery ever since.
Elizabeth Mihaltse Lindy Website
Ellen O’Sullivan / Website /Contemporary ceramics and furniture designed and hand-crafted by Ellen O’Sullivan.
Amy Pilkington / Website / Jewelry, Textile Art
Pam Pritzker-Ridley / Website /Fine art photographer and mixed media artist. An all around creative not bound to one medium.
Kalene Rivers/OPENSPACE Gallery & Thundercut Design Studio / Website / Contact / Thundercut Art Installation & Design: We are a creative studio that is obsessed with ideas and execution.
Graphic design and web design keeps us sharp and the bills paid.  Art, Projects and Events keep us happy and our souls fed.
Jon Reichert / Contact / Website / Mixed media, paintings, sculpture and furniture
Nadine Revheim / Blog: Beacon Bits / Blogger
Jill Reynolds / Ten Willow Studio / Contact / Ten Willow Studio is a glass design partnership specializing in architectural installations. We create museum-quality glass works that enhance and transform their surroundings. Jill Reynolds is an award-winning visual artist known for her innovative use of flameworked glass.  Also:hello-beacon-2163
Cristin Sauter / Contact /Acrylic Pour & Metal Sculpture
Alexandra Scebold / Contact
Chip Schwartz Instagram / Chip’s work is comprised of jewelry, sculpture, and functional hollowware and flatware. The forms and textures are inspired by nature, and in particular, those parts of nature that aren’t readily seen: single celled organisms, fungi, objects in space or deep under water.
David Smolen / Contact / Fine furniture, cabinetry and millwork
Mary St. John / MODCRAFT / Website / Instagram / Modern dimensional wall tile
Sonia Tay / InstagramCOLORANT – 145 Main Street, Beacon /Naturally dyed clothing and goods.
Chris Ungaro / Website / Instagram /I design and build custom built furniture. I also do some sculpture, paintings, and other items. My work is a mix of practical items for the home and office and also artwork for the same. I try to bring an artistic aesthetic to furniture and furniture design often telling people. My furniture is the “collision of art & furniture design. I want my work to bring art and artistic design to practical usable items. Most of my work is one of a kind.
Robert Vye Contact / Furniture designed and built to order.
Marcus Westin / Website /Drawings, writing, and computer software.
Jessica Wickham WICKHAM / Solid wood furniture design and fabrication, using self-sourced and processed local hardwoods.
Amy C. Wilson / Website / Contact / Kokma – Original Art & Design; Toy Designer and Artist
Coulter Young / Website / Facebook /Potraiture, plein air painting, sculpture, illustration.
Lily Zand / Website / School of Jellyfish – A design house for the advancement of sustainable living and renewable energy