Wind-Scoured Scribes

Ongoing through February 2nd, 2018-19

Mother Gallery
18 West Main Street #7 – Beacon

Mother Gallery is pleased to present Wind-Scoured Scribes, curated by Kari Adelaide. The scribe aimed to explore the imprint of wind, and named the early dark falling as storm formation. After arriving in body as a blue hag of winter, some trees remained with calm limbs even though their branches were scoured. Others bent fully to the ground without falling, but none bowed to the hag before touching the earth. The hag imagined the white-dreaming weight of ice before she hit the frozen ground with her staff. In the midst of the storm, we see the wind-scoured scribe standing in the nightsky and imagine the early snow falling. Ongoing through February 2nd, 2018-19

Afruz Amighi
Hannah Barrett
Jesse Bransford
Francesca DiMattio
Rico Gatson
Dan Herschlein
Max Razdow
Amber Renaye
Laurel Sparks