Veracity, Grace and Seduction at BAU

On view through April 7th

bau: Beacon Artists Union
506 Main Street – Beacon

Gallery 1 : “Veracity, Grace and Seduction”, works by Eileen Sackman, Joan Phares, Pamela Zaremba

Beacon Room: “Fractured” by Carol Flaitz

On view through April 7th. Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm or by appointment

GALLERY 1 : “Veracity, Grace and Seduction”
Works by Eileen Sackman, Joan Phares, Pamela Zaremba

VERACITY: For almost a decade Eileen Sackman has been creating works that call attention to the plight of endangered species. In this exhibit, she will be showing a new series of drawings, artist books, and ceramic sculptures that highlight species who have met extinction at the hands of humanity. It is her intention to bring awareness to these forgotten beings and create a warning to humanity to not repeat the past with endangered species who are currently struggling to survive.

GRACE: The word grace refers to elegance in movement as well as respect, consideration, and thoughtfulness. During recent times, grace has fallen out of fashion replaced my aggressive narcissism. The current exhibition with work created by Joan Phares is designed to remind viewers of the many forms of grace still in existence. A collection of two and three dimensional pieces created with an assortment of materials and objects are juxtaposed to provoke a reminder of this delicate, powerful word.

SEDUCTION: Pamela Zaremba’s most recent series of photographs, entitled “Seduction”, showcases the power and vulnerability of social media. The photographs of the subject, a young woman, were designed specifically for social media in order to deliver a message of strength and resilience to the world. This, in turn, required vulnerability of the subject. By showing her photos next to the collage from the subject’s social media accounts, Zaremba enables the viewer to contemplate the attracting effect that social media has on the viewer, and how a subject executes their intent.

THE BEACON ROOM: “Fractured” by Carol Flaitz

The show is mainly inspired by the staggering variety of geologic forms I have been able to observe during travels across the United States and overseas. Geyser activity, glacier formations, and sedimentary rock layers have been captured and fractured through the medium of wood, encaustic color, crystalline structure, and multiple resins. The resulting abstract landscapes capture the essence of natural landscapes, both near and far.

For those of you who have followed my work for some time, you know that geologic forces have always inspired my work, whether it be at the microscopic level or at a scale as grand as the Rocky Mountains. I invite you to join me on another journey into the mystery of natural forces, the abstract forms they create, and the visual drama of it all.