Sam Bartman: It’s About Time | Cold Spring

Through April 30th

In Gallery 66NY
66 Main St.
Cold Spring

Gallery 66 NY is proud and honored to present a 60 year retrospective of Sam Bartman’s bold, exuberant, skillful, and engaging paintings.  Sam’s first solo show; It’s About Time, is both the show title as well as underscoring his artistic career and accomplishments. It’s About Time Sam Bartman’s work came out of the studio and into the world! 

At 95, Sam Bartman knows something about time. -The time it takes to commit to an art practice of nearly 60 years. -The time it takes to develop a process and vision. -The time it takes to constantly not just look but to see. -The time it takes for concepts to ripen into paintings. -The time it takes to learn what materials can do. -The time it takes to experiment and break the rules. -The time it takes to learn where those new results can take you. -The time it takes to be present in your mind and surroundings. -The time it takes to amass a body of work exceeding 2000 pieces. (845) 809-5838  |