The GLOW Show! at Clutter Gallery

On view through April 5th

Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street – Beacon

Light. The source of the universe. The hazy image of that perfect day. The perfect inner glow that scratches an itch as deep as time itself. We bring you GID, The Glow Show that makes all other shows pale in comparison. Literally. No bio-luminescent creature left behind. On view through April 5th.

Participating Artists Include: American Gross, Bog x Squad, Candie Bolton, Comet Debris, Czee13, Don’t, Cry In The Mornin, Eimi Takano, Galaxy People, Grape Brain, Grizlli Atom, Grumble Toy, Guumon, Josh Mayhem, Kyle Kirwan, Lou Pimentel, Magitarius, Mark Nagata, Nama Niku, PLASEEBO, Rampage Toys, Rato Kim, Sad Salesman, Seulgie, Tokyo Jesus, Uhoh Toys, Wetworks, Wonder Goblin, & MORE