Ten Years Gone: 10 year Anniversary retrospective of Works by Carla Goldberg

Ongoing through July 7

bau: Beacon Artists Union
506 Main Street, Beacon

Main Gallery: This is Carla Goldberg’s 10th anniversary at BAU. Her solo this year is a celebration of her decade of experimentations introduced at BAU with examples of works pulled from her archives.

The Beacon Room: Lukas Milanak: The Institute of Paraphysics

Main Gallery: Carla always looks forward to her one chance every year (at BAU which supports experimentation) to do as she pleases, chasing ideas that culminate into one whole new series per year. Some of these series have a short life and that’s okay with Carla. “It’s the process that is important to my constant need to reinvent.” Some series are long running like her three separate yet related signature series, Seafoam Sculptural Drawings, Ripple Effect and Aqua Marine, all began at BAU.

Carla Goldberg is from Palm Springs, California but has made the Hudson Valley her home since the early 90’s. She’s a mixed media artist. Her sculptural paintings and drawings on plexiglas bring to mind water in moments of movement. Carla exhibits internationally with works in permanent collections in museums, public, corporate and private spaces. She is the 2014 recipient of the Connecticut “Sea Grant”, a partnership between the UConn and the nation’s primary ocean agency NOAA for her Sea Foam Sculptural drawings.

Carla is represented by Chase Edwards Fine Art Bridgehampton NY, Alida Anderson Projects Washington, D.C., Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery Stone Harbor NJ, collections of works with Denise Bibro Fine Art NYC, Brenda Taylor Projects Boston and Kunstleben Gallery Berlin Germany.

In The Beacon Room: Lukas Milanak is a habitual maker and hack alchemist based in Beacon, New York. In 2018, Lukas graduated from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University with a degree in glassmaking. His artwork encompasses a broad range of materials, from metal and wood to robotics and chemistry. Captivating curiosity, his straddles the worlds of art and science.

His series, “The Institute of Paraphysics” is centered on creating an understanding of modern physics through a fusion of alchemy, interactivity and DIY maker culture. Each experiment in the series serves as a metaphor to time, parallel universes, quantum mechanics and other abstract physical phenomena. Through exploring the Institute, viewers will leave with a new perspective on the hidden phenomena surrounding them every day.

Ongoing through July 7.