Super 16mm Filmmaking Workshop

Tuesday, March 17 through Tuesday, April 7, 2020
7:00pm - 10:00pm

20 West Main Street, Beacon

A hands on intensive with the ARRIFLEX 416 PLUS. This 4-day, workshop includes everything there is to know to get you started in 16mm filmmaking. During this course, along with guided expertise, you will shoot a roll of film, followed by a screening session amongst your peers during our last class!

Using our in-house ARRI 416 PLUS camera, we will learn film stock, exposure, lenses, image control, film loading/downloading, use of light meters, and overall camera operation. We will also cover different camera mounting options, as well as peripherals that can be used with the ARRI 416. Read more...

We will be shooting on 16mm film, a 400-foot load (roughly 11 minutes).

Equipment and materials will be provided. Your tuition for this course includes color negative film stock, development and transfer to 2k digital. Each student can take a copy of the 2k transfer home. However make sure to bring your own hard drive to class! You are also more than welcome to bring in additional props or outside actors!

Professionals, amateurs, and anyone interested in the world of film is welcome!


TUESDAY, March 17 at 7pm – 9:30pm

TUESDAY, March 24 at 7pm – 9:30pm
Review and pre-production

SATURDAY, March 28 at 11am – 5pm

TUESDAY, April 7 at 7pm – 9:30pm
Screening session (friends & family welcome)

Limited spots available.

Sign-up before March 1, 2020 and get our early bird rate of $149!
After March 1, the course will be priced at our regular rate of $179.

Advanced registration required – deadline March 13.

Lead by Lucas Millard & Robert Featherstone.
Co-sponsored by Beacon Film Society.
Film developing and scanning by Kodak Film Lab New York.