Shilling for Humanity, solo exhibition by Ori Alon

Second Saturday May 13th, 4-6pm
Sunday, May 14th; around Main St.

RSVP for exact location.

This is Ori’s first solo exhibition by Ori Alon. Includes performance, documentation of past works and the new #HiddenFortuneWheel.

Besides developing and issuing Joy Permits, Forgiver’s Licenses, OK Parent Awards, Compassion Cards, Pain Deeds, Open Carry permits for musical instruments, Racism Release Forms, Apology Declarations, Refurbished Report Cards and other Playful Paperwork documents Alon creates a series of comics using postage stamps, he is the author of a children’s book series, The Magic Bagel and other works of poetry and prose. PLEASE RSVP TO THE LINKED FACEBOOK EVENT TO KNOW THE EXACT LOCATION! See his work at