Sheilah Rechtschaffer Solo Exhibition at Hudson Beach Glass

Ongoing through Oct. 7, 2018

Hudson Beach Glass | 162 Main Street – Beacon

Listening to Jazz: A Journey: Artist Sheilah Rechtschaffer’s new body of work is rooted in her appreciation of jazz and dedicated to John Abercrombie (1944-2017), a highly respected jazz guitarist and personal friend of Sheilah and her husband Bert. The works in this exhibition were made over the past year in watercolor, ink and pencil employing a visual vocabulary of color, form, and gesture that emulates jazz improvisation. Sheilah says that her five-decade relationship with Bert, a jazz pianist, has integrated jazz into her life and that after Abercrombie’s death last August she “started listening to jazz from a different perspective, reflecting on the interplay between jazz and fine art.”

Artist Talk with Sheilah Rechtschaffer | Listening to Jazz: A Journey