Shad in the Shadow of Skyscrapers

Beacon Institute Gallery Exhibition

Opens April 2017

Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries / Clarkson University
199 Main Street, Beacon

Summer 2017
Main St. Gallery Hours of Operation:
Sat: 11am-3pm; 2nd Saturdays: 3-7pm

A rare exhibit of March 1947 National Geographic photo essay “Shad in the Shadow of Skyscrapers” by celebrated photographer Luis Marden.

Take a trip with us back in time. The images of Shad in the Shadow of Skyscrapers call out to our senses from a bygone era. Rare views into the lives and livelihoods of local Hudson Rivermen show us a way of life that once was, and a river’s bounty that one day could be again.  Each frame displays a depth of natural knowledge about the river and its inhabitants that, to this day, scientists struggle to recreate with modern methods.