Saturday Salon with David and Jake Bernz & Friends

Saturday August 12th, 6pm

The Towne Crier Cafe
379 Main Street

Come celebrate the Woody Guthrie’s return to the river with this community gathering and performance at our Saturday Salon. On Aug. 12 at 6 p.m., we will feature the father-son duo David and Jake Bernz and other special guests, all of whom have a connection to the Woody Guthrie boat.

In 1970 when Pete Seeger realized the big Clearwater sloop boat couldn’t dock at every shallow harbor, he got the idea of having a smaller vessel to carry Clearwater’s message, and the Woody Guthrie was born. Since then, many able hands and adults and schoolchildren have sailed the Woody and kept its vision alive.

David and Jake Bernz bring many generations of folk music forward, keeping alive the spirit of songs with a message. Jake Bernz is also a prolific songwriter and is working on his fourth studio album of original songs. His Grammy-winning father David (producing for Pete Seeger) has been a Hudson Valley singer for decades. (more info and tickets)