Reel Life Film Club forTweens and Teens: Artisans of Beacon

Friday, June 7

Howland Public Library
313 Main Street – Beacon

Students in grades 6 and up can join us for pizza and a movie. We’re going local for this last screening of the school year. We’ll be watching the documentary, Artisans of Beacon. Artisans of Beacon is a portrait of 6 artisans who are based in Beacon, NY. Jon Joseph is a welder, Jessica Wickham is a woodworker, Deb Davidovits is a beekeeper, Lisa Tompkins is a donut maker, Eva Gronowitz is a puppet maker and John Vergara is a luthier.

Each artisan is shown in their workshops and in the field. Each artisan describes what it is they do, how they got into their particular field and why they love doing what they do. They all share a powerful passion for their crafts. There will be a discussion with filmmaker, Michael Gersh (also a teacher at Beacon High School) and some of the artisans after the screening.

Registration is required so we know how much pizza to get! 🙂 To register email Michelle at

Reel Life Film Club is an opportunity for students to eat pizza, watch award winning documentaries and discuss them with inspiring people. Open to middle school and high school students.