Reach: A Selection of Drawings and Artist’s Books by Rosaire Appel

Saturday, February 8 through Sunday, March 29, 2020
5:00pm - 8:00pm

No. 3 Reading Room & Photo Book Works
469 Main Street, Beacon

Ongoing through March 2020. Please join us for the Second Saturday reception for artist Rosaire Appel. For the next few months, No.3 Reading Room & Photo Book Works is giving itself over entirely to Rosaire Appel’s artist books and works on paper. Her prolific and imaginative works encompass the acts of listening, seeing and notating sensory experiences, translated into untranslatable pages that defy conventional reading. Read more...

Appel is a well-known and respected practitioner of Asemic writing, which, simply put, is “writing” or a script that has no discernable content or meaning, which is left to the viewer to determine. Despite being open to its viewer’s interpretation, Rosaire Appel has concrete and specific sources for the generative aspect of her work. But once completed, it is free to be interpreted by anyone who wants to take the time to respond.

There will be many of Rosaire’s artist’s books on view and available for purchase, as well as rare and unique works that can be viewed up on request. Reference works on Asemic writing and books by various practitioners of this form are also on display. On view through March 29 and by appointment, we’re here to engage and share this fascinating practice of image and text in poetic forms where you decide what it means.