THE RABBBITS BAND – “Delusionville”

RABBBITSA Rock Opera conceived by artist Ron English

with special guests Michelle Shocked and Messiahsez
Sunday, February 26, 2017
7:30 PM

The Towne Crier Cafe
379 Main Street, Beacon

$15 advance/ $20 at the door

The Rabbbits Band comes to Towne Crier for a night of Delusionville! Conceived by artist Ron English as an “Animal Farm” meets “Alice in Wonderland” rock opera, the Rabbbits Band will play 10 songs introducing the quirky inhabitants of Delusionville. Special guests include pop punk band 8 bit, teenage sisters Rhiannon and Rowan Parsaca and YouTube guitar hero Messiahsez.

Finally, as an a very special treat – world renowned Grammy winning singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked who has 13 plus albums and 10 zillion miles of touring under her belt, will also bring her amazing, one-of a kind- super talent to the stagefront.

From 6 to 7 p.m., there will be a free Ron English art event.


The Rabbbits Band includes world-renowned artist Ron English, who has bombed the global landscape with unforgettable images across all categories of culture. Musician Joe Johnson has worked with artists as varied as Keith Richards and Daniel Johnston and runs the soundboards in Beacon’s finest music establishments. Singer Russ Cusick is a Juilliard-trained opera singer who runs one of Beacon’s most established Main Street art galleries.

The Brooklyn celebrity and absurdist internet personality known as Messiahsez spends his days in front of an iPhone making videos lambasting popular New York bike lanes, tutorials for baking artisanal kale chips, self-proclaimed “shitty guitar instructional videos” and espousing pseudo-religious rhetoric. His unique brand of bizarre but informative rhetoric and surreal comedy resonates with people across the internet, attracting a large following of devoted disciples. As of January 2017 one video clip has amassed more than 16 million views. Come catch Messiahsez in his night club debut at The Towne Crier!

Want to help make this project become fully realized? Check out Ron’s Go Fund Me page: