R. Wayne Reynolds: Channeling the Cosmos at RiverWinds Gallery

Ongoing through November 5th

RiverWinds Gallery
172 Main Street, Beacon

RiverWinds Gallery is presenting new work by R. Wayne Reynolds,“Channeling the Cosmos.” Reynolds, who often paints on unconventional (but archival) industrial materials, says “My paintings represent my visual description of the Universal Energy holding our world together.”

“The Universal Energy draws me in, spins me around, and on a good day, allows me temporary access to the illusive place where my creativity lives,” Reynolds explains. “It simultaneously drains me, and frees me of myself. I experience a connection to the cosmos, causing me to feel more like a whole beach and less like a single grain of sand.

“I strive to paint what I am feeling at that moment in time, without concern for what came before or what will be next. My only goal is to record an image of the continuum of time and space that I believe in. I pay homage to the Impressionist’s and their celebration of complementary color, to Leonardo da Vinci for his relentless pursuit of merging art and science, to the precision of the Dutch Still Life masters, and to the creativity of Picasso.”

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Ongoing through November 5, 2018