Principia: Origins and Destinies

Ongoing through July 13
5 – 8pm

Atlas Studios
11 Spring Street, Newburgh

Principia: Origins and Destinies, a solo exhibition of photographs by Evan D’Arpino, opens on Saturday, June 15 at Atlas Studios Gallery in Newburgh, NY. There will be an opening reception on June 15 from 5-8 pm. The show runs through Saturday, July 13. The gallery is open daily by appointment.

Evan D’Arpino’s photographs explore themes of scientific discovery and the human condition in several distinct bodies of work. The connecting thread in each series is an emphasis on composition, texture, and form, as well as evocative lighting and an ambiguous sense of scale. D’Arpino’s work reveals the mystery and power associated with certain symbols, objects, and structures. The dichotomies of dark/light, hard/soft, square/round, and living/non-living form a narrative about origins, authority, systems, and processes that make up the human and natural worlds. Within this framework, the images he creates are intentionally cryptic and allow the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions. Ongoing through July 13.