No Regrets: Bars and Irish Chains by Isaac Aden

Ongoing through December 1st

Ethan Cohen Fine Arts/Kunsthalle Beacon
211 Fishkill Avenue – Beacon

Ethan Cohen Gallery is thrilled to announce the solo exhibition of Isaac Aden entitled No Regrets: Bars and Irish Chains. The exhibition will occur at the Kube in Beacon New York. Ongoing through December 1st.

Aden’s exhibition features seminal canvases and monumental works produced between 2015-2018. Seeking to create an oscillation between the cognitive and senatorial faculties Aden’s works simultaneously engage the optical possibilities of painting and reconsider the genealogies of abstraction in art.

Aden’s works are sewn with industrially colored canvas. The works are painstakingly constructed by a process of ordered accumulation using traditional Amish quilting patterns. The works are stretched and hinged together forming triptychs. The order is interrupted by sweeping gestural intervention of neon tubes, masquerading as plastic these delicate twelve foot pieces of glowing glass complete the composition with symphonic elegance.

The Opening Reception will include performances by special guests. (more info)