Moon, Serpent and Bone Oddities and Curiosities Summer Solstice Night Market

Friday, June 21st
6pm to Midnight

University Settlement Camp Theatre
724 Wolcott Avenue, Beacon

Come one! Come all to the one and only a Hudson Valley Oddities and Curiosities Night Market!!!

In celebration of the Summer Solstice, we are featuring unique crafters, makers, dark artists, taxidermists, magick makers, soothsayers & psychics, and the unusual selling their wares and talent, with live entertainment with a Dark Carnival flair and fine foods & deserts in this one of a kind Night Market.

Featuring unique crafters, makers, artists, taxidermists, witches, magick makers, psychics, soothsayers, and the unusual to show their wares and talents in this one of a kind Oddities and Curiosities Night Market. We are in celebration of the Summer Solstice and welcome elements of the Fire and the height of Summer. We are bringing all of the hidden dark treasures of our creative minds to share them with all who attend our Oddities and Curiosities Night Market.

All ages welcomed. Not recommended for children. Parents/Guardians please use your descretion.
For more information visit $5 Parking | $3 Admission