Spirit of Beacon Photo Show

Ongoing through October 10th

Howland Public Library
313 Main Street – Beacon

Spirit of Beacon Day is set for Sunday, September 30th, 12pm – 4pm., rain date Oct 7th

The Howland Public Library and the Spirit of Beacon Committee are presenting an exhibition of photographs that best capture the essence of The Spirit of Beacon, with an opening reception at the Library on Saturday, September 8th from 5-7pm. Community members were asked to submit photographs inspired by the question, “What makes our community so unique? Is it the beautiful mountains, the historic architecture, our connection to the river, the vibrant community, all of the above or something else?” 37 photographers answered the call and over 50 photos were selected.

“It was very interesting to review all of the submissions and I appreciated how each image captured a different perspective, which is truly a reflection of our unique and diverse community” said Michelle Rivas, Exhibit Coordinator at the Library. In addition to the community photographs there will be a showcase of vintage and historical images from past Spirit of Beacon Parades, courtesy of the Beacon Historical Society and Reference Librarian Peter McGivney.

“We are delighted to work closely with the Howland Library”, said Gwenno James, Spirit of Beacon Committee Chair. The Library and the Spirit of Beacon Day have a special history because the very first meeting for the Spirit of Beacon Day was held there forty years ago in 1977. Community organizers came together to discuss how to resolve some of the racial tensions which had arose among the youth at that time. They decided to have a Community Day – “A day to bring the City together, especially the children and youth….the community should get to know one another better, learn to know what each other likes in conversation, feelings, entertainment, education and food. “ (Beacon News 1988). This year will celebrate the 41st anniversary of the Spirit of Beacon and the theme is “Celebrating Unity”.

More info can be found at BeaconLibrary.org and SpiritOfBeacon.org