Laura Kaufman and Mike Bayne at the Garrison Art Center

September 9, from 5-7 PM

Garrison Art Center
23 Garrison’s Landing – Garrison

We are pleased to invite you to join us Saturday,  as we welcome two new exhibitions at The Riverside Galleries.

Borrowed Scenery is Laura Kaufman’s first solo exhibition at Garrison Art Center. The installation in the Gillette Gallery will consist of sculpture and two-dimensional prints on both paper and textiles, created from physical weavings that Kaufman produced specifically for the exhibition. Kaufman considered the idea of shakkei – the practice of incorporating the background view into the foreground – when preparing her exhibition. “It is a way of pulling life from afar closer, of collapsing and folding visible space”. Kaufman will also be giving an artist talk on October 1, to discuss how places and concepts from her visit to Japanese landscape have shaped and informed her studio work.

In the adjacent gallery Katharine Mulherin, founder of Mulherin New York, located in NYC’s Lower East Side, has curated a selection of paintings by Canadian artist Mike Bayne. Pictures, is a presentation of delicate oil paintings, mostly of commonplace buildings, road signs, and snapshots of Middle American life in the post-industrialized era. Bayne works in a similar tradition as the 16th century Dutch painter Vermeer, laboring intensively with oil paint to capture a real-to-life effect. The small scale paintings bring up questions about the value of a picture, especially in our commercial and overly mass-produced age.

Both artists embrace a palette that feels relevant to the final days of summer, so come enjoy this visual transition into fall. Ongoing through October 1st. (more info)