The Labyrinth: Walking Meditation in the Sanctuary

Second Saturday May 13th, 4-8 pm

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
15 South Ave

Ambient Soundscapes will be created by Craig Chin

A 36-foot canvas labyrinth will be placed in the sanctuary for “pilgrims”  to explore a walking meditation. The labyrinth is a sacred circle with a  single path that leads to its center. Walking the path is an ancient  Christian spiritual tool that has been rediscovered in our time. The  labyrinth is a metaphor for the spiritual journey and lends itself to  prayer and meditation during a personal encounter. Guided meditation  suggestions will be available as you enter the sanctuary. It is customary  that individuals take their shoes off before entering the labyrinth.  Opportunities to walk the labyrinth will begin during daylight, transition  through the vesper light and sunset leads into dark. The beauty of the  sanctuary, the ambient sounds, changes in the light and colors of the  Tiffany stained glass windows will enhance one’s journey.