Opening Night: Camaraderie & Beyond The Tide

Saturday, January 11 through Sunday, February 2, 2020
6:00pm - 9:00pm

bau: Beacon Artists Union
506 Main Street, Beacon

Opening Reception

IN THE MAIN GALLERY: Jack Troy and crew – Camaraderie
“Our firing crew of about ten meets three times a year, usually in November and March for 4-day firings in the smaller of the anagama kilns, the Pixiegama. In June – usually around the solstice – we are often joined by another 8 participants to fire Komuri (Japanese for “bat”) for 5 days. My students and I built the first anagama in 1978 at Juniata College, where I was teaching; then I built Komuri here at home the summer of 1987. Donovan Palmquist and I built the Pixiegama, near my studio, in 2005, the year I stopped teaching.” Read more...

IN THE BEACON ROOM: Nash Hyon – Beyond the Tide
I am fascinated by the relationships amongst the stars, earth, moon, elements and how they influence each other. Sea creatures time their reproductive cycles by the moon’s phases. Tides dictate other species egg laying. The stars with their elements helped to create water on earth. These are the intertwined stories that I am expressing in my paintings along with the changes that climate change is creating. My primary medium encaustic-also termed hot wax-is one of the oldest painting mediums and is made from beeswax and pigment.