“Inner Sense,” paintings by Virginia Donovan

Ongoing through April 8th

RiverWinds Gallery
172 Main Street – Beacon

In the work, Donovan presents emotionally charged paintings of drama and grace bringing forth intuitive realizations.

New York City critic Anne Rudder describes the series: “Rendering anthropomorphic underlying images in strong colors on vertical axes, Donovan layers metallic and acrylic paints of monochromatic grays over them, adding and scraping away the strata to reveal parts of these forms. This process of repeated addition and subtraction of pigment from the canvas surfaces, through slashing stokes of palette knives, allows Donovan’s forceful feelings resonate with the viewer, providing images that are at the same time miraculously meditative.

“A particularly mesmerizing painting is Donovan’s “Candle Aura”, where the underlying glimmers of red-gold flame pulsate through the artist’s sensuous applications of dark umbers. One can see a flicker of light arising from the canvas surface as the artist builds her piece through physical deformation of the image. She told me her pieces are all about process where, through the creative act, she can communicate her interior thoughts so that, in the final results, intense and unvarnished feelings are accessible to the viewer.

“Although her paintings are highly expressive, Virginia Donovan, being trained as a mathematician, is able to provide underlying cohesive structure to the compositions so that the emotive imagery is tempered by logic. …With the technique currently employed, she is able to provide a complete iteration of both intellect and emotion.”