Illumin8: BHA + BeaconArts Bicycle Menorah

Lighting Up Our Community for 8 Nights

December 2 – December 9, 2018
Polhill Park/Beacon Visitors Center
Main Street & Route 9D

5:30pm every night, with exception of Friday, December 7 (4:30) and Saturday, December 8 (at 4:30 just before the annual Bicycle Tree Lighting)

On each of the eight nights of Hannukah, the different candles of the menorah – or in this case the wheels – will be illuminated to honor a different segment of the Beacon, NY community.

This unique bicycle/hanukkiah conceived and fabricated by sculptor Ed Benavente will be located at Polhill Park/Beacon Visitors Center alongside the BeaconArts + City of Beacon Bicycle Christmas Tree and will be lit at approximately 5:30 p.m. from Sunday December 2 through Sunday December 9, with the exception of Friday, December 7 which will be at 4:30; and Second Saturday, December 8, which will be directly before the Annual City of Beacon + BeaconArts Christmas Tree Lighting, at approximately 4:30.

Illumin8: Celebrating EDUCATORS Sun, 12/2/2018 – 5:30pm

Illumin8: Celebrating ACTIVISTS Mon, 12/3/2018 – 5:30pm

Illumin8: Celebrating FIRST RESPONDERS Tue, 12/4/2018 – 5:30pm

Illumin8: Celebrating CHILDREN with PJ Library Wed, 12/5/2018 – 5:30pm

Illumin8: Celebrating GOVERNMENT Thu, 12/6/2018 – 5:30pm

Illumin8: Celebrating VOLUNTEERS   Fri, 12/7/2018 – 4:30pm

Illumin8: Celebrating CLERGY Sat, 12/8/2018 – 4:30pm

Illumin8: Celebrating ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS Sun, 12/9/2018 – 5:30pm


Grateful thanks to sculptor Ed Benavente, the artist behind the Bicycle Menorah.  In 2014,  Rabbi Brent Spodek presented a maquette of the menorah at the White House’s Hannukah celebration.

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