Illumin8 2016: BHA + BeaconArts Bicycle Menorah

Beacon Arts BHA bicycle menorah with logoLighting Up Our Community for 8 Nights

December 24 – December 31, 2016

Polhill Park/Beacon Visitors Center

Main Street & Route 9D

5:00 pm every night, with exception of Friday, December 30  (4:00).

The story of Beacon is the story of a town coming through hard times with hope and dedication. In order to celebrate those who light up our community, Beacon Hebrew Alliance and BeaconArts are teaming up to celebrate Illumin8 at the one-of-a-kind Beacon Bicycle Menorah!

Saturday, December 24: Celebrating activ8

Sunday, December 25: Celebrating compassion8

Monday, December 26: Celebrating radi8

Tuesday, December 27: Celebrating invigor8

Wednesday, December 28: Celebrating complic8

Thursday, December 29: Celebrating appreci8

Friday, December 30: Celebrating medit8

Saturday, December 31: Celebrating dedic8

menorah-lighting-years-pastHannukah tells us that we can hope against all reason and sometimes, we will prevail. Sometimes, the mighty will fall before the weak, and sometimes, just a little bit of fuel will get us through the darkest night – or even eight of them, if need be.

Grateful thanks to sculptor Ed Benavente, the artist behind the Bicycle Menorah.  In 2014, Rabbi Brent Spodek presented a maquette of the menorah at the White House’s Hannukah celebration.

Read about it here:

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