hb2163 flyer finalPut Your Message in a Bottle!

Beacon Residents Invited To Write A Letter To The Future On Spirit Of Beacon Day

11a-4p (Rain Date October 5) @ the HELLO BEACON 2163 Booth, Main Street.
Project debuts Sunday, September 28; continues through November 30, 2014

Announcing HELLO BEACON 2163, a unique time capsule project for the city of Beacon. A hand-blown glass time capsule will be filled with messages written by Beacon residents to their relatives and neighbors 150 years in the future.

Flyer Design Credit: Randall Martin Design

Participants will be provided with special slips of acid-free paper on which to write their messages. Each message will then be heat-sealed in a small glass tube and deposited in the time capsule, a large glass container engraved with opening instructions and the title HELLO BEACON 2163. Once it’s full the container will be sealed and, rather than being buried and forgotten, will be held on public display for 150 years. In the year 2163 it will be opened on the 250th Anniversary of the City of Beacon.


artsmidhudson logo smallHELLO BEACON 2163 was proposed by Beacon resident Jill Reynolds, a nationally-recognized artist best known for her work in glass. The project was selected to receive support from Arts Mid-Hudson, with funds made available through the Decentralization Program of the NY State Council on the Arts. For Reynolds the time-span is important. “A 150-year time capsule offers another perspective on the passing of time: if a common lifespan is 75-80 years, then you can know somebody who knew somebody who was alive 150 years ago, someone who might have put a message in the time capsule bottle. HELLO BEACON 2163 will provide a connection with the past that makes history more tangible.” Using glass as the material for the time capsule is also significant for Reynolds. “I chose glass with the hope that the visibility of the messages and the vulnerability of the material will inspire careful guardianship.”

It’s estimated that the time capsule will hold 1200 messages. The collection of messages will continue until December 31, 2014, or until the glass container is full, whichever comes first.

For further information please contact Jill Reynolds by email at jreynoldsten@gmail.com or call 845-838-1032.