Electric Windows/Electric Projected

EW2010-buildingElectric Windows 2010

On Saturday July 31st 2010, OPEN SPACE gallery and Burlock Home presented Electric Windows 2010. 30 artists converged in Beacon, NY to create live artwork and have their work installed on the exterior of a 19th century factory building. Electric Windows draws its name from the former electric blanket factory at the foot of Mount Beacon that will act as the backdrop for the event.

In addition to the live art and installation the event included 2 additional Installation sites, 9 live music acts, food Vendors, dancing by M*POWER ELITE TEAM, and live screen printing by Buxtonia.

This project was possible with the generous support and contributions of the following organizations, friends and sponsors.

Dutchess County Arts Council
The Piggy Bank
The Beacon Bagel
Metro Media Technologies
Montana Colors

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Electric Projected

On the evening of October 1st (2011) at the intersection of Main Street and East Main in Beacon NY we shut down the street and had party. When the sun set 24 animated shorts were projected onto the facade of the Electric Windows Building. Each animation was inspired by one of the pieces of art on the building. DJ Bobby Collins rocked a custom mix during the animations. After the main event Bobby C Sound TV DJ’d his famous Audio/Visual DJ Sets and continued the projections on the building, everyone danced in the streets…

Produced by Open Space Gallery Beacon NY

Electric Projected from John Fischer on Vimeo.


Cary Janks
Dan Weise
Kalene Rivers

Animators (top-left to bottom-right)

Ryan Rothermel
Therese McPherson
Valere Amirault and Jean Delauney
Fabian Tejada
Cary Janks
Jared Deal
Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Andy Wagener
Tiffany Joy Butler
Jodi Terwilliger
Josh Frankel
Weichieh Yu
Annie Seo
Cary Janks
Josh Goodrich and David Hill
Eric Miro
Aaron Maurer
Therese McPherson
Jack Myers
Eric Miro
John Fisher
Matty Sidle and Suzi Pritchett
Cary Janks
John Karian


Alyssa Klein

Projection Team

New City Video and Staging

Jack Young
Jim Dodge
Andre Smith
Lawrence Becker


DJ Bobby C Sound TV

Sound Design

Sam Shaffer


Cold Spring Sound
Local 845

Additional Marketing/Boots-on-the-ground Support

Nicole Ashey

This event would not have been possible without the support of Bob McAlpine and the Roundhouse Team, our hundreds of sponsors and Kickstarter “Backers”, Christine Ciazzi for letting us set up and project from her apartment windows, BeaconArts and the incredible City of Beacon, New York.

FYI: Electric Projected “Reboot” Video