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This email confirms that a donation to BeaconArts on behalf of the Beacon Riverfest to Constellation Shuttle Initiative was made today by you!  Thank you so very much for helping us make this happen.

The shuttle will make it possible for Beacon citizens, Beacon Riverfest attendees + volunteers, and anyone who wants to see the launch of this unique public artwork, created by Beacon artist Melissa McGill.  Using a shuttle will help make the experience safer, with fewer cars parking along Route 9D at the viewing area located near the Breakneck Ridge MTA whistle stop, as well as extend the Beacon Riverfest experience in a spectacular way!

The bus will shuttle between the bus pick-up area at the Metro North-Beacon Station (town side of the tracks) and the CONSTELLATION viewing area between 7:30 – 8:30.  It will return at full dark around 9:30, and will drop off at the Metro North-Beacon Station bus stop area.

For more information on the public launch of CONSTELLATION and on this extraordinary public art project Green Guitarsenvisioned by Beacon artist and BeaconArts member Melissa McGill, go to

For more info on Beacon Riverfest, go to

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