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About the Project

New York Times: A ‘Constellation’ of Light Above the Ruins of Bannerman Castle

Imagine yourself and thousands of others experiencing the emergence of a new constellation over a unique island in the Hudson River. Every evening, as the sun goes down, starry lights emerge one by one with the stars of the night sky. Hovering around the perimeter of the castle ruin, these lighted points refer to features of the structure still standing, as well as those details which no longer exist—creating a new constellation connecting past and present through this inspiring light-based public art project—bringing new energy to this majestic part of the Hudson River, and the Hudson Highlands State Park.

Constellation is a large–scale sculptural installation bringing together light and form, history and phenomenology. A series of 17 slender tapered aluminum poles are installed on the island at heights ranging from 40 to 80 feet tall, creating a visual vertical rhythm around the ruin, drawing the eye upward while accentuating ideas of absence versus presence. Small lights (solar powered LEDs) are installed on the top of each pole, giving the appearance of each light floating independently in the night sky. The work will have many vantage points on both shores of the Hudson River, including commuter trains, nearby hiking trails, roadways, and boats.

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