Bubbles; Custom Group Show

Opening Reception April 13
6 – 9pm

Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street, Beacon

We are super excited to be hosting the first ever Bubbles custom show! Each artist was provided a 2.5″ vinyl Bubbles to go wild! Come see the crazy creations in person, and meet their creator’s Jenn and Tony Bot.

Participating Artists Include:

American Gross, Andrea Kang, BigC, Bruckaroni, Cat Atomic, Czee, Danny Roldan, Dolly Oblong, Double Parlour, DrilOne, Fiona Ng ,HX Studio, Igor Ventura, Jared Circusbear, JC Rivera, Jennipho, Jfo, Kyle Kirwan, Leecifer, Mike Strick, Miss, Kika, MJ Hsu, MP Gautheron, Mus Musculus , One Eyed Girl, Pickled Circus, Richard Strohmeyer, Rsin, Sad Salesman, Scribe, Shiffa, Taylored Curiosities , Thomas Infiniterabbits, Tokyo Jesus, Will Rimmel & More…