BeaconArts Member Show

Ongoing through Sunday, August 4

Hudson Beach Gallery
162 Main Street, Beacon

BeaconArts is pleased to present the first annual Member Show opening July 13 at Hudson Beach Gallery. The exhibition is organized by current BeaconArts Co-President Karlyn Benson and former President Theresa Gooby. The show features 70 BeaconArts member artists.

The BeaconArts Member show is open to all BeaconArts members and is an opportunity for members to share their work with each other and the community. Artists were invited to submit up to three works and Theresa and Karlyn curated the show from these submissions. The resulting exhibition is a diverse mix of subject matter, artistic styles, and mediums including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry. The Member Show highlights the broad range of artistic practice in our community. BeaconArts would like to thank Hudson Beach Glass for hosting the show in their gallery.

The participating artists are Johan Ayoob, Ed Benevente, Tina Bernstein, Hollis Bogdanffy-Kriegh, Sarah Boyd, Ellen Burch, Kit Burke-Smith, Randy Calderone, Arabella Champac, Valeria Clark, Marieken Cochius, Timothy Delaney, Marisa Del Pozo, Jan Dolan, Carlin Felder, Stephanie Fogarty, Martin D. Fowler, Jonathan Frith, Pamela Garfield, Mary Ann Glass, Cindy Gould, Amanda E Gross, Dan Guerra, Beth Haber, Erica Hauser, Amanda Heckle, Gemma Kahng, Colette Kavana, Susan Keiser, Barbara Koffsky, Pam Krimsky, Margaux Lange, Scott Lerman, Elizabeth Lindy, Elsa Lindy, Julie Lockley, Sascha Mallon, Stephen Mallon, Anthony Marra, Lee Meltzer, Jerry Michalak, Donna Mikkelsen, Ivone Milani, Andrea Moreau, Paulette Meyers-Rich, Terry Nelson, Chris Neyen, Jean Noack, Samantha Palmeri, Melissa Petanick, Steven James Petruccio, Sheilah Rechtschaffer, David Rich, Katrina Ross, Philippe Safire, Laurel Shute, Greg Slick, Meghan Spiro, Betty Stafford, Beckah Starr, Kat Stoutenborough, Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, David Swope, Harry Tabak, Alex Turk, Christopher Ungaro, Susan Walsh, Beth Weintraub, Anna West, and Kathy Yacoe.

Ongoing through August 4, 2019