BAU presents Two SOLO’s Elizabeth Arnold “Plant Spirit Medicine” and Samantha Beste “Aeromantic”

Opening Reception
Saturday, July 13,  6 – 9pm

506 Main Street Beacon, NY

Arnold’s Solo Show: “Plant Spirit Medicine” presents the idea that, “We are not dissimilar from plants. Like plants communicating with each other in underground root systems, we communicate through unconscious neural networks. Perhaps the whole idea of the unconscious mind is descriptive of our essential plant essence, as we tap into the ancestral archaic root systems that bond all living beings into a living entity and can nourish and sustain us if, as a species, we will let it.”

Beste’s solo show “Aeromantic” Is about climate change – “always the elephant in the room – and the fragility of our planet. I’ve been upcycling outdated maps and atlas pages, mixing them up with appropriated imagery from National Geographic and often sampling the actual pages. Through the somewhat distorted lense of more than a thousand issues dating back to 1960, I’ve seen how pollution of all kinds crept into the coverage. It spread until it became our new normal of floods, chemical rivers, salt deserts and melting icebergs. While some try to mend and make do, others dream of Mars- or Escape to the Moon.”

Ongoing through August 4th, Gallery hours Sat.Sun. 12-6 or by appointment.