Bau Group Show: Lucky 13

On view through February 4th

bau: Beacon Artists Union
506 Main Street

This January Beacon’s oldest purely fine art gallery, Beacon Artist Union (BAU) kicks off their 13th year with the exhibition “Lucky 13″ on Second Saturday, January 13th. from 6-9 pm. Each artist will create one or more works of art that somehow relates to the concept of Lucky 13. It’s a group process the artists do each year on a theme chosen roundtable style.It’s always interesting to see how each artist’s unique style and esthetic interprets a theme.The concept of Lucky 13 has many meanings. One artist may interpret it as a celebration of things that others fear while another artist may flip a bad luck symbol on its head. “Lucky 13” defies logic and flies in the face of convention.

The Beacon Room: Aine Gunn: Animalia

Aine Gunn is 15 years old, and a sophomore at Beacon High School. She has been obsessed with crafting since she was a toddler and her interests range from painting and ceramics to paper mache and all kinds of model-making. She first taught herself to sew when she was around 6 years old and shortly thereafter her grandmother showed her how to crochet. A couple of years ago she learned about needle-felting and with the help of youtube tutorials she has worked to refine her technique.

Her creatures are all felted over a bendable wire frame, so poses can be manipulated. Each animal is modeled from raw wool using a single needle and can take several days to finish. For this show she has created an ode to her hometown, featuring tableaus of some of her favorite places and memories. Making the creatures and all of the displays has utilized a broad range of skills acquired over the years. This is her first time showing her work publicly and she is very grateful for providing her with such an amazing opportunity.