Ambi Work by Donna Mikkelsen

On view through March 4th

Hudson Beach Glass
162 Main Street

Open Daily 10-6, Sun 11-6 845 440-0068, show is ongoing through March 4th

Hudson Beach Gallery is pleased to present Ambi Work by Donna Mikkelsen, Ambi Works will highlight symmetry drawings, inks and acrylics as well as “Word Alchemy” paintings.

Donna Mikkelsen is an ambidextrous artist from Brooklyn, NY. From a very early age, she trained herself to be ambidextrous. For over 25 years she has been exploring symmetrical drawing, experimenting with different materials, speeds, rhythms, directions, sequences and sizes. Her process organically developed into a drawing / movement meditation. Donna has developed AmbiArts workshops that explore symmetrical drawing as a means to develop self awareness, build teamwork and create community through individual and collaborative art making.