ALLUVIAL by Martin D Fowler

Opening Reception Saturday, May 11th
7 – 9pm

Big Mouth Coffee Roasters
387 Main St, – Beacon

Join us at Big Mouth Coffee Roasters this Second Saturday for the debut of “ALLUVIAL”! “ALLUVIAL” is an immersive audio-visual installation by Martin D Fowler, accomplished composer and Beacon resident making his visual art debut. Experience photographs accompanied by individual sound pieces, uniquely crafted to pair with the viewing of each work. (And as always, wine+snacks+coffee 🌸) (more info at Facebook)

ALLUVIAL (2019) — Alluvium are the sediments and deposits left behind from the rise and fall of water within the valleys of large rivers. What can we learn from the residue of past ideas within our minds? What sediments of un-closed conversations invoke nostalgia or rumination? What strands of life sit behind us in time yet refuse to relinquish a measured hold on our minds?

ALLUVIAL as an installation is a space for observation; a mindfulness wholly present in the moment at hand, yet tied to some essence, some self-observed truth of our being.

Each photo is of a fleeting moment of light — stretched, refracted, reformed — on a wall in some purely impermanent state, made permanent.

Each photo is accompanied by a minute-long musical composition — a document of the momentary mind-state behind the photo on the day of its creation in reaction with the mind-state on the day of musical composition.

The participant is encouraged to engage with each photo for the full minute of the musical composition, and observe as each photo appears to shift form and evolve over the short course of this minute. With a total of fifteen photographs and musical compositions, the entirety of the installation takes a short fifteen minutes to complete.

Participants should allow themselves to be fully present with each photo, with each musical articulation, and with themselves and their own alluvium of the mind.