Business Member Spotlight ~ RiverWinds Gallery


What are your names?
Virginia Donovan, Mary Ann Glass, Linda Hubbard and Galina Krasskova

What is the name and nature of your business?
RiverWinds Gallery is the longest-running gallery in Beacon, and for two years in a row has been voted Best Gallery in the Hudson Valley by Hudson Valley Magazine. The Gallery is a multi-faceted art space featuring over 45 of the finest Hudson Valley artists; Traditional fine art including paintings and photography, and contemporary crafts, including jewelry, cards, ceramics, scarves and hand dyed yarn.

When did you launch your business?
July 2003 – Twelve Years ago July 2nd Sat!

Did you start in Beacon?

If yes, why did you decide to start your business here?
We knew that Dia:Beacon was opening and felt that this would help put Beacon on the International Art Map – and it did! At first we were pretty lonesome on the West End of Main Street, but the growth all along Main Street has been amazing. The Roundhouse, Towne Crier, new restaurants, shops and galleries have all enriched locals’ and tourists’ experiences in Beacon.

Is there one thing about your business that you would really like folks to know?
RiverWinds has been blessed with wonderful artists that are creative and keep growing their skills. Some of the artists have been with us for twelve years, others relatively new. But they all are talented in each of their own unique way.

When did you become a member of BeaconArts and why?
BeaconArts has helped the growth of Beacon, brought together artists and formed an art community. I know that RiverWinds and our artists have benefited in many ways…the support for the galleries & artists, promoting the City of Beacon as an Art Destination, sponsoring events that bring people into town and creating a thriving atmosphere. We joined in the beginning and plan to continue being a member!

Do you have a favorite place, event or thing to do in Beacon?
At the end of the day, I love to walk along the riverfront. Scenic Hudson, Dia;Beacon and the City of Beacon continue to enhance the parks and trails.

How do you think Beacon is different from other Hudson Valley cities?
We are very blessed with the mountains and the river…. and with a lively Main St in the middle.
The music, sculptures, theater, galleries, art cuisine,and nature all come together to give Beacon a special feeling of excitement, joy and beauty. And when we had the car come crashing into our building, it was amazing the amount of help and support we had. It showed that Beacon is a very special place indeed.

Using your imagination, describe Beacon five years from now.
We hope that the growth on Main St will continue to support the arts. There are challenges that growth brings including sometimes higher rents, traffic congestion and lack of focus. The Arts have helped Beacon grow and we hope the five years from now, the Arts will be alive and well.