Business Member Spotlight: DeniseGiannaDesigns

Denise Gianna 2DeniseGiannaDesigns

494 Main Street

Beacon, New York 12508


Denise Gianna

What is the nature of your business?
My business is DeniseGiannaDesigns. I am an interior designer with a studio:shop at 494 Main St. Beacon NY.

I LOVE what I do but I especially love to work with clients and projects that present a challenge – a time or budget constraint, an interesting space layout or combination of treasured possessions. To keep by services practical and accessible to all, I charge for my services hourly and flexible and offer a complimentary consultation for most services.

When did you launch your business?

Did you start in Beacon?

If yes, why did you decide to start your business here?
I have lived in Beacon since 1998, owned two homes here, raised and educated my children here! The whole philosophy of my brand of interior design has been influenced by the Beacon vibe – quality over quantity, green, personally meaningful design. 

Is there one thing about your business that you would really like folks to know?
Good, sound design is accessible and necessary for everyone! Everyone should love their environment and feel that their home is their haven.

When did you become a member of BeaconArts and why?
I had been an individual member and became a business member in the last month. My goal is to expand my membership and communication with the greater creative community.

Where are you from originally?
I was born in the Bronx,  and lived in Warwick, NY unto I escaped to college in Westchester and NYC.

What is your favorite book?
Too many to narrow down!!

Denise Gianna 1Do you have a favorite place, event or thing to do in Beacon?
I enjoy a quiet coffee at Beacon Pantry, a noisy coffee at Bank Square and a good meal all over town. But I love watching the world flow by from the deck of my home on Mt. Beacon best of all!

How do you think Beacon is different from other Hudson Valley cities?
I think Beacon is what other Hudson Valley cities want to mature into: open, friendly, confident, accessible and welcoming!

Using your imagination, describe Beacon five years from now. 
In my imagination, Beacon in five years will be even more polished and posh. However, my hope is that we never lose our unique quirkiness and acceptance of all types of people.