Business Member Spotlight: BMF

_mg_8935Beacon Music Factory

629 Route 52
Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 765-0472

Stephen Clair

What is the name and nature of your business?
Beacon Music Factory  — an awesome music school for kids and adults

When did you launch your business?

Did you start in Beacon?

If yes, why did you decide to start your business here?
I live here. My people are here.

Is there one thing about your business that you would really like folks to know?
Come here and make music and you’ll have a better life and you’ll get good at something, your brain and your soul will both benefit. Come here and you’ll make deep friendships, we have a huge diversity of offerings and student body. And we offer some scholarships, if you didn’t know.

When did you become a member of BeaconArts and why?
First because I was an artist, then because I became a business owner with an arts based business.

Where are you from originally?
I’ve been everywhere, man.

What is your favorite book?
One Man’s Meat by E B White.  After he left the New Yorker, where he had set the style for the Talk of The Town, White left NYC to live on a farm in Maine. There, he wrote these monthly essays for Harper’s, reporting on his newfound country circumstance with the same keen eye and wit. E B White is both the personable Town Mouse and the erudite Country Mouse.

Do you have a favorite place, event or thing to do in Beacon?
Hike Mt Beacon. My own back yard. Mostly it’s the people.

How do you think Beacon is different from other Hudson Valley cities?
It’s geographically locked between a river and a mountain. Because of that, all of its inhabitants’ incredible energy and ideas have to stay contained within. We’re like a tightly wrapped electromagnet.

Using your imagination, describe Beacon five years from now.
Just like it is now with more restaurants and a brick and mortar Beacon Music Factory that is located in the middle of the town.