BeaconArts@Night Meeting Minutes: 01/27/2016

NEW beaconarts_logoBeacon Arts Annual Meeting Minutes

Wed January 27, 2016 7 pm Beahive

Welcome– Dan Rigney
Thank you to departing board members Terry Nelson and Rich Kaplan
Introduction of candidates Kelly Ellenwood and Erica Hauser
Candidates for new members-at-large
Christina Jensen
Pamela Dailey
All new members elected (Yay)
Communications report– Sommer Hixson
  • Promoting Beacon as cultural arts organization
  • maps published and distributed quarterly, ads in HV publications and radio
  • provide fiscal sponsorship for projects as a non-profit
  • Announced plans to launch our first annual appeal- marketing and awareness campaign as well as fundraising; to be rolled out in Feb and announced in our e-blast
Screening of slideshow made by Zac Cam Studios (Zachary Skinner) for BeaconArts to celebrate all we do
Membership – Kelly Ellenwood
Blushery, Heart and Soul, Clutter, Binnacle Books- new biz members
Financial report – Dan on behalf of treasurer Nelson Conde
comments by Howland Library board member Tom Rigney
Beacon and Beyond announcements
  • Bruce Molsky’s new band with show at Towne Crier in March
  • Jeff McHugh- Mt Beacon Incline Railway show up
  • Terry Nelson- BIFF Filmmaking classes for youth upcoming- sign up at
  • Scott- film screenings at Beahive; Rethink Local goals for multiple social enterprises- town halls around region incl one here on Feb 4
  • Maria- studio in high school- open life drawing sessions and events (don’t have more info)
  • Tom Conroy- Beacon Photo group- show at Howland Library
  • Karlyn Benson- artist talk at Matteawan Gallery this Sunday- Jan artist residency Jean-Marc Superville-Sovak I Draw and You Talk
  • Erica Hauser Catalyst Gallery celebrating third year; Big Draw coming up the end of feb 26-28
  • Thom Joyce Open Mic night at Howland Center and Bank Sq- needs audience
  • Center for creative education feb 5 first fri of month poetry 464 main st
  • Parade of green March 12 Beacon’s first ever St Patrick’s parade
  • Sarah and Aaron= closing on bldg in Newburgh for ‘sound arts’ and will share further info
  • This Sat night gala at Teran Studio in Newburgh- Black and White art group show

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